growing community + your talent = purpose

Be Your Own Boss





At Studio 110 we are all business owners.  In a booth rental environment you create and set your own hours, price point, and services offered. But Studio 110 is not like any other-  Studio 110 continues to generate local relationships to create awareness of our philosophy, offers free social media exposure, exclusive event invites to you and your clients, and continuous applause and support to all creative stylists.

Our culture is created to provide a safe space for all stylists who live under our brand. We believe in kind support and celebrating every artist’s unique gifts and vision they offer the Industry. We are not in the practice of thinking you have to come from a specific background, approach your artistry a certain way, or be like anyone else but the beautiful and wonderful version that is you.

In honor of growth and progression, every year, Studio 110 stylists come together for a special Studio 110 retreat. We dive into topics, ideas, and experiences to better define and grow our values within our community. We value every voice and every contribution that betters our environment and encourages connectedness through kindness and equality.

We are now offering both part time or full time options. Details upon request. 



  • Existing Clientele ( Recommended for financial success)

  • Self Motivated Entrepueneral attitude towards career (stay humble, hustle hard)

  • Positive and friendly personality (personas need not apply)


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