A New Addition To Your Studio Sessions


As we build our cherished stylist community we continue to evolve and adapt with new skills and assets. With that we are so pleased to welcome our newest member to our Studio Stylist family Kellee Denton.  Not only does she offer amazing hair services, but she also studies the artistry of eyelash extensions.  Eyelash extensions is a trend that is growing rapidly in our industry, it typically requires a more private setting to make the clients feel relaxed and comfortable. In order to make each experience unique and personal we have re-designed the salon space to create a private setting for each lash service, got our hands a little dirty, and turned the opportunity into a DIY experience..

My amazing husband and Co-owner of Studio 110 designed and built this custom distressed wood plank wall that has both charm and function. To get the overall look was a process, we used  1 X 8 wood planks, lined up our little babes, and beat the heck out each plank, literally! To distress the wood we dragged nails, whipped chains, and chucked hammers to give this worn and torn look to the wood.  Sean then decided to use 3 different types of stains, techniques, and sizes to create dimension and visual interest to the overall piece. With the help of other hard working Baird Builder employees ( thank you John and Jake!) The final look is a great addition to the organic space we call Studio 110 and offers more experiences for you to enjoy as a loyal and appreciated client.

Come check out our philosophy and atmosphere at Studio 110, we know you'll love it.