Discover Your Innerpreneur

Studio 110 atmosphere is nothing short of perfection with a relaxing and inspiring enviroment for both clients and artists. 

Studio 110 atmosphere is nothing short of perfection with a relaxing and inspiring enviroment for both clients and artists. 


Studio 110 continues to create a power team of brilliant and skilled hair artists of Tucson.  We operate as an Artist Lounge where skills and specialties have been established, but the drive to continue growth remains. 

   Centrally located in the heart of Tucson in the historic Blenman Elm neighborhood, just 1 mile away from the University of Arizona, and only 3 miles from Downtown.  We are exposed to the most exciting and culturally diverse styles that pushes our ideas and skills to an inspiring and unexpected level. 

As we continue to distinguish ourselves in Tucson Arizona, our intimate platform as an Independent artists community, makes coming to work an aspiring and unique experience. 

A place where you have the luxury of driving your business, creating your schedule and becoming your own innerpreneur*.  Studio 110 provides a space to live, love and grow, making everyday an opportunity to share and learn from each others skills and experiences. Our cooperative efforts continue to expose Studio 110’s brand and highlight your skills through social media. Our goal is to expose your daily creativity with the intention of supporting your success and business growth long term. Please stop by our website and Facebook page Studio 110 for examples of what we provide the community and the family of Studio 110.

Innerpreneur *Strong feeling of connection with other human beings and praising the values of collaboration, sharing and connectedness


Studio Requirements 

  • Existing Clientele 
  • Strong foundation and fundamentals of trade
  • Specializes in fashion forward and trendsetting styles
  • Personal traits such as positivity, flexibility, openness and fostering inspiration a plus 
  • Team player:  strong interpersonal communication skills, “change agents” and high emotional intelligence appreciated ( no exceptions)


Studio Schedule

  • Booth Rental- Create your own hours
  • In the spirit of growing your business and representing Studio 110 fully, participation during working days or time off is expected for events, hosted workshops, or meetings (Required)



  • Option of month to month or 1/year lease. Pricing varies.
  • Limited availability of "part-time" opportunity.


Does Studio 110 sound like your hair career soulmate?  If you love the Studio 110 philosophy, please fill out an application under Careers in our Stylist Community Section, or call 520-907-6673 for more information.