Ever wakeup in the morning and dread your morning route to the bathroom, only knowing that it usually ends with untamed frizz, limp sad hair, or somewhere in-between the two? Ya, we know EXACTLY how you feel. 

I would say that at least 60% of my clientele tell me how that they wish they could take me home with them to do their hair every morning. I get it- I look back 14 years and recall a teenage girl no where near her "prime" with big frizzy curls and not a clue what to do with it.  I was just a curly hair girl, living in a straight hair world.  Literally, flat irons were all the rage...and not cheap at the time mind you. I don't doubt I said the very thing to my stylists at that point in time. 

THATS WHY WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! Our goal is to not just give you color and cut perfection, but to give you the tools to recreate a masterpiece with your own personal touch. - Monica Negri of Ten Outfits gave the Studio 110 stylists team the opurtunity to break down those barriers to the unknown territory of haircare and how-to's to her local clientele. 

We spent the hour educating about the science of professional hair color, the "grey market" tactics of product diversion, and then had a little hands on, open question tutorial to finish, including a little take home souvenir of a mini break down of creating simple stylish curls.


Enjoy pictures of our very first hair workshop, and find us on Facebook and Instagram and be the first to know about upcoming events.