Create Yourself.

My name is Vanessa Baird. Wife. Mother. Hair Stylist. Business Owner.  These are just a few titles I've aquired throughout my 28 years of life, and certainly not my last. This past year has been quite a journey, or better said, quite a beginning. I began my writing for the purpose to inwardly reflect where I’ve been, recognize what I’ve learned, and to appreciate where I am. On this day, I share it with the world in hopes to teach, inspire, and support anyone who stumbles upon these words of truth and authenticity.  

To this date, I would consider myself a very successful human being. 

Thats an interesting phrase isn't it, successful. What does it mean? Socially. Financially. Spiritually. Even more complexed ways to define the term. I suppose even with an answer, our culture has in some ways, brainwashed us to believe we have to meet specific qualifications before being privileged to claim the status.  

No, I suppose I'm not the average example of the term “successful”.- I don't have a college degree, I cringe of the thought of my high school test scores, I don't come from an impressive background in business, I am super introverted, highly sensitive, and for most of my life I allowed these words to dictate my potential.  

Have you ever felt like you were created to do something great with your life? Beyond the degrees, titles and awards, something perhaps even beyond you?  I always ‘felt’ I did, but the world made me think my sensitive and emotionally driven demeanor meant I was “unqualified” for the leading roles in society.

This, my friends, is bullshit. 

Let me clarify….(cups hands around mouth) it's BULLSHIT!

Be somebody that makes everyone feel like a somebody.

Be somebody that makes everyone feel like a somebody.

“No, I'm not insulted at all when people call me sensitive. Feeling things deeply is my superpower. I'm an empathetic badass.” - unknown

My journey to define my career, to define myself, has not been an easy one. I’ve worked many jobs in various positions, with long hours and tired weekends. Although exhausting, I can honestly say I have gained great confidence, skill, and understanding of business from each and everyone of them. However, the everyday highs and lows of business are much more complexed then your phones emojis.

It’s not all ‘heart’ ’heart’ ‘thumbs up’ ‘big smile’. But then again, neither is life. 

Our journey in life is deeply personal, we interpret our experiences uniquely and hopefully grow from our understanding wisely. Sadly,  some lessons are buried deep within competition, alliances, and in some experiences deception and greed. It was 10 years in the beauty industry at 27 years old that I felt worn out and uninspired. I was emotionally and physically exhausted by the everyday politics, egos, and power struggles. I struggled trying to find the proper balance between personal and professional lifestyle, maintaining appropriate and necessary relationships, choosing my work expectations over my family, and battling the depression that constantly followed my unhappiness. Inevitably, I fell short of expectation, found myself outcasted and unimportant in the eyes of my colleagues, nervous about my future employment, and terrified of the possibility that this was going to be the rest of my life. 

My mom has a saying. “I don't believe in suffering, I believe in finding solutions”. Such simplistic wisdom, so perfectly transparent. Yes, I was suffering, and I was done suffering. It was time to find the antidote.

I thought.... I prayed.... I cried..... I thought some more..... I prayed some more. And then, I listened. The outcome? I discovered my intention, I realized my purpose. 

In a moment of truth and silence, I recalled a distinct memory of an 18 year old girl starting a career as a makeup artist. As she stood in the kitchen on her first day of work, she looked up and told her mother she had a feeling she was meant for great things. 10 years later I finally realized my intuitive thought of personal greatness was right the entire time, except now I realized that 'MY' greatness was really about supporting the greatness of others.

In 2014 I decided to retire from bosses, hierarchy, and allowing others to tell me how to measure my own worth.  That summer, I designed an environment for creative hair stylist built on a foundation of kindness, support, and artistry. 

We know it as Studio 110. 

Studio 110 has become a larger reality than originally thought. My brand is built around others success and importance, a seven chair hair salon housing seven talented and creative independent Entrepreneurs. I help mentor and support the creation of their own style, teach the importance of creating human connections, and continue to cultivate a culture of kindness, support, and conscious business modeling.  

No bosses. No egos. No punishment. 

This day, November 7th 2015, we celebrate a year of success and happiness. With a successful foundation, Studio 110 operates as a creative community where every artist is both teacher and student. We embrace the experiences we share and cherish the relationships we build with both clients and collegues. We continue our goal to provide support and share wisdom, practice the art of kindness , and continue to make our mark in Tucson, Arizona. 

For the past year I have woken up with opportunity at my door, creation in my heart, and a smile on my face. I have designed a way of living that works in synchrony with my life and my heart, and yes, I still hear a whisper of greatness in my future. 

My name is Vanessa Baird. Innerprenuer*. Kindness enthusiast. Leader. Happy.


*Innerprenuer- Strong feeling of connection with other human being and praising the values of collaboration, sharing and connectedness.
My intention is defined by the love of my family. Family is my priority, family is my happiness. 

My intention is defined by the love of my family. Family is my priority, family is my happiness. 

Lets share our stories of fear and triumph, discoveries and lessons. Let us not shy away from failures or struggles but learn from them, grow from them, and eventually conquer them.  Please feel free to leave a comment or reach out to me with stories and accomplishments. You are never alone in the journey we call life. I support you. 

-Vanessa Baird Creator of Studio 110, Creative Hair Design