Grow Your Beauty

I've been in the beauty industry a very long time; Growing mentally, spiritually, and emotionally as I take part in masterful creations, emotional breakdowns, and the ever so hated political dance we know as "business", and I finally understand what beauty actually is.  Don't hold your breath, because unfortunately, it is not that ultimate selfie that you spent 20 minutes working on, nor is it  that insanely expensive cream that claims to reclaim and preserve your skins elasticity for 20 years.  It's not the clothes, the makeup, or even the hairstyle (although those don't hurt)- Its being your true authentic self.

Nothing is more beautiful than to love yourself, to truly believe in what you stand for, love for, and care for. Look in the mirror and know that you are an amazing person .Its that wining combo or character and conviction that makes you irresistible to the most important person, you.