Beauty, Truth and Goodness

Like our collective culture, it is important to all Studio 110 Stylists to provide quality skill along with quality time. From atmosphere to music, all the way to your best hair ever, we strive to make your time in our chair memorable, relaxing, and a truly authentic experience.   

"I created Studio 110 so that I could cultivate an environment that is passionate about the artistry of hair and understands the value of human connections. We are here to offer you both".

-Vanessa Baird, Creator




Studio 110 was created to provide a community for hairstylists that offers a conscious culture.  Created as a Salon collective, Studio 110 encourages collaboration within our learning community, praises the value in the practice of basic kindness and understands the importance in developing self and environmental awareness.

Our hopes are to reinvent the hair industry and bring back camaraderie to our culture though kind leadership and conscious business modeling. 



Studio 110 stylists are established artists creating on our independent platform. Every stylist owns and operates their individual business and scheduling.

Booking appointments is done through each stylist personally. 

Through their independence, they represent a unique and personal style that lives under the Studio 110 brand and reputation. Studio 110 supports all stylists who cherish and contribute to the Studio 110 working community. 


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